Canaan's Land


Canaan’s Land

Canaan’s Land sing and teach the American psalmody of the 18th century to the present day - vibrant, rhythmic, vigorous, hard-edged unaccompanied singing and exciting harmonies. We sing from The Sacred Harp and other shape-note books. 

In 2017, Canaan’s Land are Steve Fletcher, Richard Percival, Zuzanna Forster and Toby Goss.


Steve, newly living in Devon, discovered shape-note music in the early 1990s and has never looked back. Travelling to the States to learn more, she has worked hard to make opportunities for people to come together to learn and sing shape-note music since 1995.


Richard, from Cheshire, has a wide-ranging musical background and enthusiasm for vocal music sees him singing everything from large scale choral music to solos in folk sessions, with West Gallery and shape-note music high in the mix.


Zuzanna, an amateur musician from Derbyshire, plays the double bass for several Yorkshire orchestras, and brass and percussion for a number of Yorkshire brass bands. As a singer, she leads the Derbyshire-based Amber Valley Quire, and is one of the leaders of the West Gallery workshops at Sidmouth FolkWeek.


Toby is an Australian living in Oxfordshire and is as enthusiastic about shape-note music as he is for West Gallery, bellringing, and dancing with Eynsham Morris.

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Canaan’s Land shape-note workshops

Canaan’s Land participatory workshops introduce singers to shape-note music using lots of songs from the whole range of dates and styles which make up the tradition.